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Onboard Merchants

Onboarding Merchants is the first mandatory step to enable Merchants process payments on getpaid and receive the funds.

getpaid does all the hard work and offers:

  1. Low-code experience for Platforms.
  2. Fully customizable look and feel to capture the Merchants data, so it feels like the platform experience.
  3. Best-in-class Merchant experience to achieve the highest completion rates.
  4. Advanced automation and compliance capabilities to complete all the required checks in each jurisdiction.
  5. End-to-end notifications (webhooks) so platforms get real time notifications on each application.

Three Steps Process

  1. Platform Initiates an Application.
  2. Merchant provides all the required data using getpaid hosted forms.
  3. real-time notifications, getpaid completes all the required checks and provides status notifications to the platforms using webhooks.