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Welcome to getpaid!

getpaid is an end-to-end payments and monetization solution that enables platforms like SaaS solutions and marketplaces to add payments capabilities to enable their merchants to grow their business. In doing so, platforms can also capture additional revenue streams.

getpaid does all the hard work for you, including security and compliance. You as a platform can focus on growing your business by offering payments using getpaid's trusted capabilities.

getpaid provides easy-to-use capabilities and APIs that platforms can start using with low effort.


We are excited that you are ready to start fully monetizing payments with getpaid. Our customer success team can help you to onboard your platform on getpaid in a private preview session. For this, please book an onboarding session with them.

Actors & Roles


Software platforms and marketplaces use getpaid APIs to enable merchants to process payments using getpaid trusted capabilities.

Platforms have control of:

  • How and what payment capabilities are used.
  • What sub-merchants get invited to complete onboarding to activate payments.
  • Branding and styling of onboarding flows.
  • Branding and styling of hosted payment pages (or delegate this decision to sub-merchants)

Merchant (or Sub-merchant)

Merchants use getpaid capabilites embedded by software platforms to sell goods and services. These payment capabilities are fully integrated on the platform with the look and feel, branding and preferences of the platform, so it feels like the Merchant is just using the Platform they know and love. Merchants have control of:

  • Configuration settings delegated by the platform to the sub-merchant like branding and styling of hosted payment pages.
  • Payment methods available on each transaction.

Across all the merchants involved in a payment, we will define the Seller (or "merchant of record") as the business that is selling the service to the buyer. Normally it will be the seller's name who appears in the buyer's transaction descriptor.


A buyer can complete online payments using getpaid embedded capabilities. They can select their payment preferences for the transaction.