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getpaid Payouts Engine allows platforms to define rules and methods on how both merchants and themselves will receive payouts, this includes:

  1. Multi-party split payouts.
  2. Fee structures per payout method or per merchant (to be supported in next releases).

By default payouts will happen on a daily basis. Settled funds will be paid out to each party on a daily basis.

Platforms can configure the payouts per payment, using the routing information from the payment.

"routing": {
"platform": {
"amount_minor": 100,
"processing_fee_contribution": 10
"merchants": [
"type": "seller",
"id": "acc_4t2942vvcaj9h41mcpaqwss7dp",
"amount_minor": 800,
"processing_fee_contribution": 70
"type": "merchant",
"id": "acc_5y21q8rteks0q12puorlgjd1pq",
"amount_minor": 100,
"processing_fee_contribution": 20

The result of a started Payout is a set of transfers that are emitted to the different actors. We will deduct the proportional processing fee - which is configurable - to each actor's amount.